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A fully modular, micro-service based Node.js wrapper around the Discord API

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Cordis is cut up in the form of multiple packages/libraries:

  • @cordis/bitfield - A simple structure for working with bitfields using BigInts
  • @cordis/brokers - Message brokers for routing patterns, pub/sub systems and RPC!
  • @cordis/common - Common structures and utility shared across packages.
  • @cordis/gateway - A very flexible way of connecting to Discord's gateway, with clustering support.
  • @cordis/queue - A simple and compact sequential queue for async operations
  • @cordis/redis-store - A Redis implementation of @cordis/store
  • @cordis/rest - Tooling for making HTTP requests to Discord, with rate limiting handling
  • @cordis/store - A simple map-like interface for holding key-value pairs - ships with an in-memory implementation
  • @cordis/util - Helper methods and structures


We make use of PNPM to manage our monorepo setup. It is expected that you have an up-to-date version of it.

Please ensure you run pnpm run lint, pnpm run build, and pnpm run test in the root before pushing your commits.

Please ensure that you follow our Code Of Conduct.

If all checks out, Submit a Pull Request


© 2020, didinele. Some rights reserved.

Cordis is licensed under Apache 2.0

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